• IB

    At DomiFX we strive to continuously add more trading instrument for you to invest in with the best possible pricing structure. You will find that our contract specification and margin requirements as well as our swaps and commissions are fair and transparent.

We offer an attractive and flexible commission scheme, where the commission awarded to Introducers depends on the trading volume of their clients – the higher the volume, the larger the commission.


  • Rebates up to 10USD

  • Own your own business

  • No set-up fee for join

  • We can help you buid a website and provide banners and promotional material

  • Your clients can See and Copy Successful Traders Easily For Free!

  • Islamic account

Up to 5 tires IB commission Scheme

  • Level 1 (You)

    10 clients of yours, trading 5 lots per week, USD 1200

  • Level 2

    10% second tire commission USD 120

  • Level 3

    5% third tire commission USD 60

  • Level 4

    2 % fourth tire commission USD 24

 Total 1404USD per month!


  • Auto-rebates system

  • IB links for both offline and online partnership

  • Receive monthly reports of your earnings and access to verify the reports

  • Share rebates with your clients and attract even more clients